How to Warm Up a Cold Facebook Audience & Generate Hot Leads for Your Business

You’re building up a Facebook following, attracting an audience, and getting reactions to what you’re posting on FB. So why aren’t your sales figures reflecting it? Getting an audience is just the beginning, now you need to turn that traffic into leads for your business.

These days Facebook is huge in terms of active users, with the platform’s own stats showing an average of 1.4 billion daily active users in December 2017, so the audience IS there.

The question for you is, how do you harness that audience to generate amazing leads?

Start with a killer business page…

Your business page is the first step to impressing your audience, and it’s a FREE inbound marketing tool, so make sure you’ve optimised it to be as appealing as possible. Get it right, and your page will be doing half the work!

  1. Use the best visuals: Think carefully about what to use for your cover photo and profile picture, remembering that the cover photo is the largest visual on your page. Whether it’s your employees, your product, some great imagery, or a mixture, make sure it’s eye-catching as well as relevant to your brand, not just any pretty picture. The profile picture is fairly small in comparison, but still important in terms of displaying your brand, so your logo is ideal for this.
  2. Engage more people with a button: Adding a button to your page is a free way to encourage engagement, and you can choose your own call to action – so whether you want people to visit your page, contact you, watch a video, or anything else, use that CTA!
  3. Tell people ‘About’ you: Use the ‘About’ section to give users all the information they need about your business, from the basics like contact details to an engaging paragraph that tells people who you are.

Engage with your audience…

What you actually post on your page is something you need to carefully consider, unlike your personal page that’s full of hilarious memes and cute kitten videos (though they of course can also be OK to share on your business page, depending on what your business is!).

  1. Mix it up: If you post the same thing over again, whether that’s sales posts or links to valuable articles or anything else, you’ll end up boring your audience. Make it a good mixture of different types of posts and check Facebook’s analytics for your page to monitor how your content goes down.
  2. Make it relevant: Make sure everything you share is actually relevant to your audience, and is going to add value to their day in some way.
  3. Get your audience involved: Rather than just talking AT your audience, try posting questions or polls that encourage people to respond. And when they do, make sure to keep that conversation going!

Run Facebook ads…

In terms of great value advertising, Facebook is perfect – you can focus your ads to your ideal audience thanks to the platform’s highly targeted advertising options, and it suits every budget.

Effective, adaptable, and straightforward, Facebook should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. The only question is, are YOU taking advantage of it in the right way?

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