“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind."
Walter Landor

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Your Brand is Your Legacy

If you have a new business to launch, or an existing business that you want to re-brand, you’ve come to the right place. A brand speaks volumes about a business. It includes a logo, typefaces, colours and much, much more. Successful brands talk to customers. They reflect the values of a business and the products or services on offer – but getting a brand wrong is all too easy.

At Juna Digital, we have a team of dedicated graphic designers. The designer we allocate to a project is hand-picked based on experience, so whatever your requirement, we have the resources to deliver exactly what you envisage for your new brand. Not only that, our designer will educate you on brand identity and what makes a brand successful – sometimes the idea you have in your head isn’t the idea that’s right for your business – you just don’t know it yet.

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Our Brand Design Process

Before we start designing concepts, we need to understand more about your business, it’s position in the market and the type of message you want to send potential and existing customers. Once we have our answers to these questions, we can start to conduct market research and begin to prepare some initial concepts.

Once a logo design has been selected (as well as an icon if required), we will begin to experiment with the use of colour. Colours are a lot more important than people think. For example, red is associated with strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love whereas blue symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Although often subconscious, the colours used in your branding can have a big impact on a person’s decision making when choosing a business to work with.


Brand Guidelines & Company Literature

Most branding exercises also require company literature. Business cards, letterheads and compliments slips are all part of the package and they should all follow strict guidelines set-out by your business with regards to the use of your logo and specific typefaces selected throughout the process.

Once all your company literature has been designed, we will put together a comprehensive brand guideline to help future agencies and employees respect the use of your logo and other branded materials. Brand guidelines are essential if your business attends trade shows or regularly prints promotional literature. It’s also essential if you are using multiple design agencies for different projects.

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