SEO: How we ranked a new fashion brand website in one of the most competitive industries online.

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Trendy Hub: A Fast Female Fashion
SEO Case Study

Trendy Hub offers affordable fashion for woman and recently launched a new e-commerce platform. The owners wanted to start getting traffic through organic search – an area we specialise in. With competitors like Asos, Boohoo and Missguided, they needed a solid SEO campaign.

How We Did It

At Juna Digital, we have a methodical approach to SEO. Our three step process helps us improve results for our clients time and time again. It includes a Site Audit, Competitor Analysis & a Link Building Campaign.

Step 1: Site Audit

Juna Digital did a thorough audit of the current website and found some underlying issues which were harming the site from an SEO perspective. This is usually the case with all websites unless the developer has worked with a technical SEO consultant.

Step 2: Competitor Analysis

A key factor of ranking the Trendy Hub website was ensuring we were improving on areas where their main competitors were lacking. With the latest SEO tools, we have access to competitor data including ranked keywords, traffic reports and their link-building efforts.

Step 3: Link Building Campaign

As with all on-going SEO campaigns, we began a manual outreach campaign to start building links to Trendy Hub’s website.

The Process

To begin with, we started fixing basic technical SEO issues such as unoptimised page titles and missing meta descriptions. We then moved onto more serious issues such as missing pages and resources. We started rectifying these and saw initial ranking improvements as the weeks went on.

We then created a database of competitors and extracted a list of keywords they were ranking for. We then created another list of keywords we could target at this stage. These were long-tail keywords and although these keywords have less search volume, they were keywords we could rank for within a few months to start building traffic to the website.

Studying Trendy Hub’s competitors’ links and finding the best fashion blogging websites, we compiled a list of potential websites to target and we are working our way through it. The site is going from strength to strength and increasing both rankings and the number of keywords ranked.

The Results

We selected a number of keywords to increase the rankings of. The chart below shows the movement of keywords.

The graph below represents the number of keywords ranked in Google. The Trendy Hub website was only ranking for a handful of keywords due the technical SEO issues. In 6-months we have grown this from 11 keywords to 680 keywords.

Before the SEO campaign, 2940 users visited the site in November 2017. In May 2018, the number of visitors to site was 11,479.

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