Google Ads: How We Increased Leads for Fresh Invest by 825% Without Increasing Ad Spend

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Fresh Invest: A Property Investment
Google AdWords Case Study

Fresh Invest is a property company that sources the very best property investment opportunities available. The owner of Fresh Invest was frustrated with the low level of enquiries he was generating from Google AdWords. He approached Juna Digital for help maximising his ROAS (return on advertising spend).

How We Did It

At Juna Digital, we have a methodical approach to Google AdWords. Our three step process helps us improve results for our clients time and time again. It includes Analysis, Account Modifications & Account Optimisation.

Step 1: Analysis

Juna Digital did a thorough analysis of the ad account as well as an analysis of Fresh Invest’s and it’s competitors’ websites. Everything from what the competitors’ websites look like and where people search geographically, to the different types of services on offer from Fresh Invest.

Device analysis was also used to establish what specific devices people employed to find investment properties and at what times they most commonly searched for them. In order to establish this, several keywords were researched so that their impact on Google search could be analysed and added into the existing account.

Step 2: Account Modifications

As a result of our analysis we identified several keywords and match types which could be included in the account. Furthermore, we adjusted the text ads to prioritise the client’s key selling points and adjusted the bid strategy which eliminated keywords that were financially ineffective. As a result landing pages were improved to reflect the new keywords and ad text. 

Step 3: Account Optimisation

Subsequently, the whole account was carefully monitored to ensure these changes achieved maximum impact. Keywords continued to be assessed with effective and converted search terms being added, whilst irrelevant ones were removed. On going refinements were then made to guarantee optimal performance with bids being continually adjusted to ensure the best positions in Google search results. The geographical regions of visitors, along with the most popular days and times, were also analysed in order to ensure total account proficiency and impact. 

The Data

On the graph below the blue line represents the cost per conversion and the orange line represents the number of conversions. As you can see, in January 2018 conversions were low whilst the cost per conversion was high. In February 2018 when we took over the account this started to improve and in March, April and May 2018 the conversions tripled and the cost per conversion fell dramatically.

The conversion rate has also increased as per the graph below.

The Results

Since we started working with Fresh Invest in February 2018, we have achieved the following results:

  • 1,450% increase in conversion rate (from 0.12% to 1.86%)
  • 825% increase in leads (from 4-leads a month to 37)

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