4 Ways Hair & Beauty Salons Can Grow Their Businesses

Today’s Hair & Beauty Market is becoming more and more crowded. As a result, localised areas are becoming increasingly competitive making it more difficult for small, independent salons to draw new customers away from rivals or from their usual “go-to” salons. Another key challenge with so much competition is generating consistent customer retention. In this post, we look at 4 Ways Hair & Beauty Salons Can Grow Their Businesses…

With so many factors impacting the decision-making process of your customers, previous performance and customer service also aren’t always enough to maintain an individual’s custom regularly. Customer retention, as you already know, is crucial to the survival and success of many UK Hair & Beauty Salons. Add this to the rise in local competition and it becomes very clear why the demand for new ways to retain clients has never been so prominent.

For local salons looking to find, attract and retain new clients, thankfully, there are a few options available out there. Juno Agency Ltd.’s range of digital marketing and creative services pose a very viable and cost-effective option. Digital marketing implemented properly can unlock a world of opportunities for small, independently owned businesses, and none more so than local hair and beauty salons with a specific goal.

In this piece, I am going to discuss 4 key ways in which your Hair & Beauty Salon can benefit (profit) from our results-driven digital marketing and creative services.

4 Ways Hair & Beauty Salons Can Grow Their Businesses…

1. Facebook & Instagram Marketing – Run a special promotion and generate new qualified leads.

The first digital marketing strategy is Facebook & Instagram Marketing, due to the fact that Hair & Beauty Salon managers are always looking for new clients and new ways to retain them, this strategy could well be one of the most effective for them. Paid social media marketing is the perfect platform to run a promotional offer campaign, and this campaign can be designed for any purpose including raising brand awareness or boosting customer interest. These promotions are not only designed to get new clients through the door, but they are also a great way of connecting you, the business owner directly with your target market.

Facebook’s powerful targeting system is the perfect comprehensive tool for reaching and picking out specific groups of people. Used effectively, we can target potential customers based on anything and everything from demographic groups including age, gender and postcode area, to liked interests, hobbies and even salary brackets. Thanks to Facebook targeting, any potential business leads that we generate from the campaign are the most likely to be of value to your business in the future. But once we find new leads, how do we turn them into paying clients?

Well, to receive their free discount voucher for a specific hair treatment or cut & blow dry for example, interested parties, are required to enter their name, phone number and email addresses into our custom built landing pages. In doing so, we at Juno Agency will create engaging mailing lists full of potential clients who have shown direct interest in your business (i.e. qualified leads). Using this information, your salon staff can follow-up and confirm bookings whilst we use the new mailing lists to re-target audiences and generate further customer retention with new special offers that they won’t want to ignore. We know what makes these campaigns successful and what it takes to get customers right to your door – time and time again!

2. Website Development Services – Build a new website, increases conversions and online bookings.

When a new potential client is considering a change to a new Hair or Beauty Salon, a key factor in their decision-making process can often be based on their company website. When a company website offers a user-friendly experience and a professional feel it is 10 times more likely to convert page clicks into conversions. A click is someone visiting your website, and a conversion is someone using your website to book an appointment directly without having to resort to the phone book. It may seem trivial whether someone books an appointment online or over the phone, but many potential clientele will be deterred or distracted in the time taken to actually dial the number.

But what if your professional and user-friendly website makes it so straight forward to book an appointment online that they can do so in just a matter of seconds all at their fingertips? Well, we would imagine an increase in online bookings and also a boost in monthly sales. At Juno Agency Ltd we offer a bespoke website design and development service that delivers purpose-built websites to meet the needs, wants and desires of any business that we work with. For a Hair and/or Beauty Salon, it’s the perfect opportunity to implement their brand message and stamp their unique aesthetic style onto their online profile.

A new website also enables you to effectively sell your business in its best light and do so directly to interested parties browsing the local options. If a website is appealing and easy to navigate, people will feel far more inclined get in touch. Choosing Juno Agency to manage your website project offers you a small team of dedicated designers and marketers as well as an expert team of specialist website developers who work tirelessly to deliver the specific aims of each project. We always ensure that every website we produce is finished to the very highest standard so that it stands the best chance of encouraging people to get in touch or book an appointment online.

3. Specialist SEO Services – Raise your online presence and increase your Google search rankings.

For Hair & Beauty Salons operating without professional assistance it can be difficult to make their online presence known. Specifically, getting their website to appear higher on Google than their more established rivals. As a customer looking for a new product or service, ask yourself how often do you browse beyond the first page of Google’s search results? Rarely? Never? And if you search “hair and beauty salons near me” does yours appear in the top 5? How about the top 10?

Notably, it is fairly common for small and independently owned Salons in the UK to not rank particularly high on Google, but usually this is because many don’t have professionally built and managed websites. These results however can still be dramatically improved based on a variety of other factors. Google takes on board countless variables into account when making its calculations, so by optimising how relevant your business is to each one gives you the chance to make yourself far more viable to new potential clients. By partnering your Hair or Beauty Salon with Juno Agency Ltd, you can utilise the expert knowledge of our experienced and results-driven team and gain a distinct advantage over your local competitors. Having insider help on hand to help your business navigate the mechanics of how Google makes its decisions, you gain an overriding chance of boosting your presence online, website traffic and online bookings.

We call our experts SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialists, they understand and appreciate the importance of having a good all round online presence and know how to help. It all starts with a full and free digital audit where they critically analyse and evaluate your online performance to find the best forward-thinking solutions. In doing so, they cut right to the heart of the issue and then start systematically working to optimise all aspects of your Salon’s online persona. The overall aim of SEO is to raise your online presence, to increase the search rankings in which you appear on Google, to generate more organic search results and to drive more user traffic to your website… all of which isn’t possible without a team of experts on hand to help you navigate and take advantage of Google’s complex algorithms.

4. Print & Design Services – Design and print engaging marketing materials to promote your salon.

As the modern world becomes more and more digitalised, the printing sector has come under scrutiny for becoming a thing of the past. In some industries this may well be the case, but by and large the Hair & Beauty sector still remains in need of a reliable and cost-efficient option for producing hard copy marketing materials as well as the need for professional designers who know how to get the most out of your marketing.

Whether you are looking to fill space in your shop window, promote your latest special offer or hand out information to passing trade, at Juno Agency we have contacts and connections so deep-rooted within the print industry that we are able to offer a premium print finish service at highly competitive rates. Our team of experienced marketers, designers and specialists offer a design service that will plan, create, produce and delver materials including high-end leaflets, brochures, information booklets, flyers, posters, banners and more all fit for purpose.

As briefly touched on above, the demand for digital services is ever-growing. More and more so we find Hair & Beauty Salons looking to give their Salon’s branding a new makeover. Whether this includes new logos, logo variations, new colour schemes or a shift in target market, rebranding big or small can make a big difference in the public eye and can definitely help you boost trade if implemented correctly. Many of our clients know what they want, but don’t know how to go about it. In contrast, many know that it’s time for a change, but have no idea what they actually want or know what would work well. But lucky for these clients we have solutions and dedicated teams to make the most of your rebranding process, our experts can help bring your new brand to life in a way that your ideal customer won’t be able to ignore.

Start Growing Your Hair & Beauty Salon Today!

For further information regarding the ways hair & beauty salons can grow their businesses or for more information about our range of digital marketing and creative services both named above and more, simply get in touch with our friendly and approachable team of experts today and start discussing a winning partnership between Juno Agency Ltd and your business.

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Published: 03/02/19
By Robert Owen
Marketing Assistant

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